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MDNR Report

Learn to pheasant hunt, become more confident with your shooting skills, and make a few friends!

Pheasants Forever and the Michigan DNR will sponsor a “Women on the Wing” pheasant hunt Sept. 10 at the Rapid Wings Farm near Hubbard Lake in Alpena County.

The day begins with a short educational presentation by Pheasants Forever then participants we will shoot clay targets, eat lunch and go pheasant hunting.
Cost is $75 per person, which includes clay targets, ammo if needed, lunch, guided instruction provided by women (and their dogs) with pheasant hunting experience, three birds per hunter and a Pheasants Forever yearly membership.

The event is limited to 10 hunters who must be at least 18 years old to participate.

For more info or questions, contact Bill Fischer at 989-395-5945, or email him at fischerw@charter.net.

MDNR Report

The fall hunting seasons will be here before we know it.

Where are you planning to spend the opening day of grouse and woodcock season? If you are looking for young aspen forests and areas created with bird hunters in mind, plan a trip out to a Grouse Enhanced Management Site!

MDNR Report

Michigan Elk Herd

Results of the 2022 Michigan elk survey show the herd is healthy and growing.

During an aerial survey of the elk herd conducted over eight days in January, Department of Natural Resources staff flew over 1,080 square miles of predetermined sample plots across the northern Lower Peninsula to locate, count and photograph elk. Results from the survey estimate the population is between 870 and 1,684 animals. 

A total of 793 animals in 92 groups were observed during the survey. A population estimate model was used to account for the animals that may not have been observed during the flight survey. Additionally, the photos taken during the survey were used to calculate the sex and age ratio of the herd. The 2022 survey estimates the population has increased 5% since 2019. 

The elk population reflects the objectives and actions written in the Michigan Elk Management Plan.

MDNR Report

Successful elk hunters

Despite several days of challenging hunting conditions due to wind, snow, rain and fog, 89% of elk hunters filled their tags during hunt period 2.

State hunters harvested 140 elk (88 cows, 47 bulls and five calves) during the nine-day December season.

There were 160 elk licenses issued for this hunt period, 110 antlerless licenses and 50 any-elk licenses. Of those licenses issued, 84% of antlerless hunters and 96% of any-elk hunters were successful in their pursuits.

MDNR Report

Michigan’s Elk Hunt Period 1 has concluded, with 73 state hunters harvesting elk (29 bulls, 40 cows and four calves) and all three Pure Michigan Hunt winners harvesting bulls.

Hunters had mild weather throughout the season, which began in late August and spanned 12 days throughout September and into early October, with unseasonable high temperatures and scattered rain showers.

There were 100 elk hunting licenses available for Hunt Period 1, one of two elk hunting seasons in Michigan. The early hunt is designed to remove elk living outside of the designated elk management area, which is primarily across the Pigeon River Country State Forest. Hunt Period 2 will open in December to 160 hunters.