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Denny BrauerDenny Brauer

Bass fishing legend Denny Brauer had a remarkable Hall of Fame career, winning the Bassmaster Classic and 16 other Bassmaster Events.

Much of that success came by fishing shallow water, often with a jig. He's capable of fishing with any bass lure, but the jig is what he's known for, and he likely has more knowledge of fishing them than anyone. Now retired from professional bass fishing, Brauer spends most of his time on Lake Amistad in Texas, and a jig is a significant part of his fishing.

Brauer's approach to jigs is relatively simple, based on the fundamentals of choosing the correct gear and jig. These ten tips from the "Jedi of Jigs" will help you catch more fish with one of the most popular lures in bass fishing.

By Louie Stout

A popular Michiana tournament circuit may not permit the use of forward facing sonar (FFS) electronics this season.

Scott Crocker, tournament director for the Southwest Michigan Anglers Club (SMAC), said he has received a lot of feedback from anglers who are requesting FFS not be allowed during SMAC competitive events this summer.

“I’m giving it serious consideration,” said Crocker. “Some of our regulars said they’re tired of getting their butts beat by guys with expensive electronics. I understand that. I fish with Terry Smith and his graphs are 20 years old and don’t even have GPS!”

Crocker noted that some national tournament groups are considering a similar move.

Bassmaster formed a committee to study the impact of FFS during its Elite events this year before deciding upon whether some restrictions are required for 2025. A few larger regional events have banned them.

“The circuits with co-anglers are having trouble getting non-boaters to fish with guys using FFS because the co-anglers are stuck in the back of the boat and have very little chance of catching fish,” he said. “I don’t want to lose our anglers because of it.”

Crocker advised anyone who wants to call him to complain should make sure he’s got all the facts, because - you’ve been played!

Happy April fool’s Day from Michiana Outdoors News and SMAC!

By Al McGuckin

Matt AreyMatt Arey

If Matt Arey’s boat number at this year’s Bassmaster Classic is any indication of good things to come, then #22 might just lead to first place. Arey is the ultimate ‘girl dad’ and his two young daughters love Taylor Swift’s hit song “22”.

Arey admits his soul’s still not over dancing as a bridesmaid following his second-place finish to buddy, Hank Cherry at the Bassmaster Classic in Fort Worth three years ago. But the North Carolina angler’s track record of Top 5 finishes on Grand Lake are astonishing enough to make him a strong favorite to finally touch the first-place trophy that’s eluded him thus far.

In FLW Costa series events on Grand Lake, he bagged a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finish between 2015 and 2017, but much like the Bassmaster Classic, never quite secured a victory.

“Those three finishes were a mix of mostly bed fishing, but also moving slow with a jig in the pre-spawn. I just feel at home in Ozark area lakes because you can visually read the shoreline transitions without depending on forward-facing sonar. Grand Lake, much like Beaver Lake, is a pattern-oriented lake, and I like that. Emily and I built our home using my winnings on Beaver Lake,” smiles the Team Toyota angler.

Arey’s track-record as a pro is tough to rival, 15-straight end of the year championships, including five straight Classics since joining the Elite Series, but still a win has escaped him like a blackjack oak leaf being blown by the March winds that come sweeping down the Oklahoma plains.

“I’ve had some very, very, special weeks on Grand Lake, but not quite special enough,” laments Arey hours before the start of the 54th Bassmaster Classic.

A consummate professional and fantastic family man, it’s hard not to root for Arey to finally put his hands-on pro bass fishing’s most coveted trophy. If he does, count on Taylor Swift’s song “22” to be a part of the music played at the Champion’s Toast party Sunday night in Tulsa.