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Clear H2O

(Provided by Humminbird)

As you're reading this, bass are in transition, migrating from wintering areas to pre-spawn and spawn habitat, signaling an end to difficult cold-water fishing conditions.

What's your early-season gameplan? Return to the same spots and do the same things you've done year in, year out? Whether fishing with family, trying to set a new personal best, or working our way up a tournament leaderboard, reducing the time it takes to find and catch fish is paramount. Seldom is that accomplished by a "fishing a memory." A better approach is to pay close attention to weather and water conditions, adjusting where and how you fish.

Kevin VanDamWe discuss the topic with four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion and seven-time AOY Kevin VanDam, a man with an almost machine-like ability to cover water fast, find, and catch bass. A champion on many levels, KVD shares his thoughts on early-season bass and how to utilize electronics that will make for perfect advice for everyone behind the scenes who outfit anglers or rig their rides.

"A lot of people get hung up fishing spots where they caught fish in the past and it's the wrong time of year, the wrong conditions," says VanDam. "If I don't see something positive on a spot in 10 minutes, I'm typically gone. You can't catch fish there where they're not. The most important factor in successfully catching fish is finding them. Location is key."

(Provided by the Hall of Fame)

President George H.W. Bush Billy Murray Gary Yamamoto

A former United States president, a noted bass fishing educator, and one of the most innovative designers of soft plastic lures will be inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame next March.

During its fall meeting, the Hall’s Board of Directors announced they will honor President George H.W. Bush, Billy Murray and Gary Yamamoto at the Hall’s annual induction dinner. The event takes place DoubleTree Hilton in Tulsa, Okla. on Thursday, March 3, the eve of 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro.

By Louie Stout

Michigan Record Smallmouth

Michigan Record Smallmouth

Bass fishermen often believe it is their definitive skills that fool big fish, but often times a little luck can go a long way.

The recently broken Michigan state smallmouth record is no exception. The 109-year-old record was broken Oct. 18 by Greg Gasiciel who was subbing in bass tournament on Hubbard lake in Alcona County. It was the first tournament he had fished in 3 to 4 years.

The monster smallmouth weighed 9.33 pounds, erasing the former mark of 9.25 set on Long Lake in Cheboygan County in 1906.

Hubbard is an 8,850-acre lake that is seven miles long and averages 32 feet deep. It was the site of a televised Major League Fishing Event last year.

Gasiciel, whose only previous fishing on Hubbard lake was ice fishing for walleyes, was called upon by a childhood buddy to fill in for a “Bass Anglers of the Sunrise Side” tournament that frigid day.

The record holder’s personal best prior to that day was a 5-5 largemouth caught from Wixom Lake.