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Clear H2O

By Louie Stout

Giant California Spotted Bass Should Break World Record

Although we don’t have many spotted bass in Michiana, here’s a story worth sharing with our readers.

Check out the photo of this one and see if you aren’t impressed.

Strike King Pro Staffer Cody Meyer caught the 10.80-pound spotted bass Dec. 16th from California’s Bullards Bar reservoir and it’s under consideration as the next world record spot.

Meyer was fishing with friend J.R. Wright on the famed spotted bass lake that produced the current world record. They had already caught three big spots that day – 6.66, 8.35 and 7.74 pounders.

Although spotted bass look similar to largemouth, they have a smaller mouth similar to smallmouth bass, slightly different bar markings down the side, and a rough patch on the tongue.

By Chip Leer Fishing The WildSide

Chip Leer Fishing The WildSide

In rivers across the Midwest, smallmouth bass make a fall migration from their summer ranges to deep wintering holes in the main channel. Along the way, they stop at predictable places to rest and feed, offering savvy anglers some of the year’s best bass fishing.

One of my favorite fall fishing areas is the tip of a firm-bottomed, sandy bar bordered by softer substrate and vegetation. Depths of two to four feet are ideal.

I use a two-pronged attack to catch the most bass possible from each spot.

(Provided by VMC)

Tired of Wacky Rigging? Neko Rig Gives Fish a Different Look

Let’s face it; most bass by now are familiar enough with wacky rigs that they’re often unfazed by them. Freshen up your finesse game with a new VMC® Neko Rig.

“The Neko Rig is one of the hottest new finesse trends going around right now,” says Michael Iaconelli, the only angler to have won a Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year and B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. “If you use traditional finesse techniques, like soft stick baits and wacky rigs, give this Neko Rig a try. You’re going to catch fish you never thought you’d catch before.”