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Bass University TV, a source for educational materials and learning opportunities for bass anglers, launched a new app this week for both Apple and Android products.

The free download contains all of Bass University TV’s online content for paid subscribers while giving curious soon-to-be subscribers a taste of the entire experience.

“We live in an increasingly mobile world,” said Bass University co-founder Pete (The Dean) Gluszek. “By putting our content in the palm of your hand, we’ve enabled you to learn in any environment. You can even solve your most difficult problems while you’re out on the water. It’s like taking the world’s best bass experts along with you.”

By Al McGuckin

Lester Makes Custom Skirts to Fool Finicky Summer Bass

Brandon Lester is fishing obsessed.

If you’re trying to track him down between Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments, there’s a pretty good bet you can find him on a local reservoir near his Fayetteville, TN home.

But if you want to save yourself some trouble locating the Team Toyota pro, just call his sweetheart Kim. She’ll know exactly where he is. “Oh my gosh, it’s 95 degrees here, and no surprise, he’s out in our shop building jig skirts,” she told me on a recent phone call.

Sure enough, on one of 2020’s hottest Friday afternoons, there sat a barefooted and slightly sweaty Lester with a color pallet of silicone strands on his lap tinkering to create something summertime schools of heavily pressured largemouth hadn’t seen yet.

By Al McGuckin

Soft Plastic Tubes Still Charting Year-Round Hits for Flippers

The Garland brothers introduced the first tube to bass fishing in 1982, and for about the next 15 years it was used mostly as a finesse lure tied to spinning tackle in clear water, and around spawning beds.

Then, Arkansas’ Doug Garrett kinda let the cat out of the bag about the scary good effectiveness of pitching tubes to shallow habitat following his 1997 MegaBucks win with a 3.5” smoke red tube on stingy White Rock Lake in Dallas.

The next summer, legendary shallow water pitcher/flipper Denny Brauer won the 1998 Bassmaster Classic using a very similar 3.5” tube, and pitchin’ tubes launched skyward to a level of popularity on par with the last seven singles country singer Luke Combs has released.