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Clear H2O

By Al McGuckin

KVD: The Tube Jig Remains St. Clair’s All-Time Favorite Lure

There are two things you can count on at Lake St. Clair - the wind will eventually blow hard enough to stir its 430 square miles of water into ocean like proportions -- and the smallmouth will usually bite a 4.5” tube jig.

The second day of practice for the 2017 Advanced Auto Parts Bassmaster Elite Series on St. Clair was no exception.

“A man could use a Motrin after a day like this,” said Kevin VanDam upon finally reaching calm waters near the protected harbor of a Harrison Township boat ramp.

VanDam had been riding the spine-jarring waves for more than twelve hours through gusting winds, stormy rains, and at times, a blend of blue skies. And riding with him was what he, and most veteran anglers, consider St. Clair’s All Time Greatest lure – a 4.5” soft plastic tube.