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There’s no question that the big bait trend is the strongest it has ever been.
The new Berkley PowerBait CullShad – a shallow water harnessed swimbait – is now available.

The PowerBait CullShad produced immediate demand during the 2023 Major League Fishing REDCREST tournament.

Through countless design iterations, feedback generation, and testing the CullShad answers the call providing a solution to many of the frustrations anglers experience with harnessed swimbaits.

In addition, the CullShad brings the added benefit of taste to the category of large swimbaits. Infused with Berkley’s famous and scientifically engineered taste of PowerBait it’s easy to see why the CullShad garnered fast praise from the pros.

For anglers looking to take their shallow water swim-baiting to a new level, the CullShad combines big profile drawing power with proprietary Honey Comb Technology for next-level action and durability. It has smart weighting ability, hassle-free harness and hook clip.


  • PowerBait Honey Comb technology increases durability without sacrificing action
  • Pre-rigged harness that comes ready to fish
  • Swimbait body designed to reduce blowout and keep the bait running flawlessly at a variety of speeds – allowing the tail to kick at the slowest of speeds and the bait not blowing out at higher speeds.
  • Smart weighting options that give anglers the ability to control the bait’s sink rate with the use of nail weights
  • Hook retention clip that keeps the treble hook secured to body to allow for more efficient skipping
  • First in class finish featuring painted and HD printed forage matching colorways

Sizes: 6-inch • 8-inch.

Colors: Albino • Electric Shad • Ghost Morning Dawn • Green Pumpkin Pearl White • HD Blue Shad • HD Ghost Gizzard • HD Gizzard Shad • HD Rainbow Trout • HD Yellow Perch • Hitch • Lime Ice • Sight Flash

Suggested retail is $11.99 for the 6-inch and $14.99 for the 8-inch version.