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Impressive cookbook covers all the bases for anglers, hunters and gardeners.THE FIELD TO TABLE COOKBOOK brings more than 150 family-pleasing, nutritious, and accessible recipes to home cooks who want to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of procuring and cooking clean, organic meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

The increasing popularity of the modern farm-to-table movement— bringing locally sourced food to the family—is brought to its logical conclusion in author Susan L. Ebert's field-to-table food aesthetic. Ebert—an experienced hunter, angler, forager, and gardener—says it best herself, “What if, I thought, I had just one book: one that had the basics of which animals to hunt when; what species of fish to target in each month; what native nuts, berries, roots, and leaves were prime for foraging? And what if it also had tips on year-round organic gardening, since our climate is so generous with its growing seasons? And, of course, at its heart would be more than 150 recipes with menus combining each month’s most prized fare, and how to best preserve wild game and fish, and fruits and vegetables at their peak, so they could be savored all year long.”

Ebert pairs her straightforward recipes with more than 100 illustrative photos of procuring food in the field and presenting it on the table, along with tips on dressing, deboning, preparing, drying, curing, and preserving nature’s bounty. This book is a wonderful resource: as a thorough seasonal guide to cooking with game, foraged food and organic vegetables (for non-hunters and hunters alike); as a cookbook for hunters; and as a guide for home cooks who prepare fish and game for their family. No intimidation here, this is the elegant yet accessible cookbook championing the original human culinary endeavor, self-sustainability.

THE FIELD TO TABLE COOKBOOK: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, & Hunting

By Susan L. Ebert
Foreword by Jesse Griffiths
Welcome Books / an imprint of Rizzoli New York
ISBN: 978-1-59962-132-6
PRICE: $40.00 US & CAN • £25.95 UK
Hardcover / 288 pages / 100 color photographs / 8" x 10"

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