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Southwick Report

Ammunition consumers indicate that demand will remain strong well into 2021. According to Southwick Associate's ongoing shooting sports consumer market research, multiple reasons are driving the continued unparalleled demand.

In April 2021, Southwick Associates surveyed more than 1,800 ammunition consumers as part of its quarterly HunterSurvey/ShooterSurvey tracking study. In 2020, four out of five consumers encountered out of stock issues while trying to purchase ammunition, while three-quarters encountered out of stock situations so far in 2021. Of these respondents, 79% reported either fully or partially reducing their target shooting and hunting outings as a result of depleted ammunition shelves.

Berkley Report

Anglers have long sought a solution to eliminate waste and reduce their environmental impact. The current process for repurposing fishing line is complicated and time-consuming, while recycling programs for other tackle are virtually non-existent.

Berkley has teamed up with the BoatUS Foundation for the Recast & Recycle Contest to generate innovative ideas to improve the fishing tackle recycling process, increase the amount of fishing line that can be recycled, develop products from recycled items and discover new ways to reuse fishing line.

BFHOF Report

Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Board of Directors has announced the induction class of 2021, which includes three deserving individuals – Gene Gilliland, Jason Lucas and Trip Weldon.

The trio will be honored on Thursday, September 30 at Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium at a special reception within the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame venue, followed by the Hall’s annual dinner and induction activities.

“We’re thrilled that we’ll be able to honor Gene Gilliland and Trip Weldon in person, along with Jason Lucas posthumously, when the bass fishing world comes together to celebrate in Springfield this fall,” said BFHOF Board President John Mazurkiewicz. “Each of them has made lasting contributions to the sport and we’re excited to see them take their rightful place in the Hall of Fame.”

The three members of the 2021 class distinguished themselves in various facets of the sport - spanning conservation, media and tournament operations.

Gilliland is known for his extensive work in fisheries management and bass conservation efforts and continues that involvement as conservation director for B.A.S.S. He is a tireless advocate for bass fishing on numerous national boards and councils.

By Louie Stout

If you’re planning to fish Lake Erie, Detroit River or any waters that the U.S. and Canada share, make sure you stay in U.S. waters.

Otherwise, it will cost you big time.

Canadian border agents and marine patrols are cracking down on Americans who wander into Canadian waters for violating the Canadian Quarantine Act, Customs Act and the Reopening Ontario Act.

We’ve heard of anglers receiving stiff fines. For instance, a story published in a Windsor online newspaper noted that 10 people fishing the Detroit River on four charter boats were fined $8,800 for venturing into Canadian waters.

The border isn’t clearly marked so anglers would be wise to stay close to U.S. shores.

BoatUS Report

Kill Switch Demo

There are new engine cutoff device wear requirements for recreational boat operators as part of the January 1, 2021, passage of National Defense Authorization Act that included a U.S. Coast Guard Reauthorization.

These devices, commonly referred to as engine cutoff switches (ECOS) or ìkill switches,î are designed to prevent a boat-strike injury if an operator is accidentally ejected overboard while underway.

Engine cutoff devices can be located at the helm of the boat or on the tiller or body of an outboard engine and typically connect a boatís operator to the cutoff switch with a lanyard. Some ECOS devices eliminate the lanyard and rely on wireless proximity devices to shut down an engine if the operator goes overboard.