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IDNR Report

Avian influenza has been confirmed in snow geese and other water birds from western Gibson County in southern Indiana. Diagnostic testing on carcasses collected there was done at the National Veterinary Services Lab.

More than 100,000 snow geese are currently present in western Gibson County. Approximately 700 geese, primarily snow geese, have recently been found dead. Indiana is one of multiple states in which the current strain of avian influenza has been confirmed this fall.

Indiana DNR, in partnership with federal and private partners, has increased surveillance of birds throughout the state to monitor for other potential outbreaks.

Birds infected with avian influenza may display unusual behaviors such as erratic swim patterns, tremors, a twisted neck, and/or a general lack of coordination. Sick birds may also have nasal discharge, a cough, sneezing, and/or diarrhea; however, some infected birds will not appear sick.

Individuals who see sick birds or find multiple birds dead in a single area should report them to the DNR at on.IN.gov/sickwildlife.

Meat that hunters harvest from wild birds in the state that is handled using standard safety procedures and cooked to an internal temperature of 165F does not present a food safety risk.

Additional information about avian influenza in wild birds, birdfeeder care, and more advice on how you can help prevent the spread of avian influenza and other bird diseases is at on.IN.gov/avian-flu.

For additional information about domestic poultry facilities and backyard poultry flocks, see the Indiana Board of Animal Health’s avian influenza website: boah.IN.gov/species-information/avianbirds/highly-pathogenic-avian-influenza.