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Welcome to our new look as we start our fifth year with Michiana Outdoors News.

As you can see, we’ve redesigned this site to make it a little more flexible, livelier and hopefully easier for our loyal visitors to navigate.

We’ve also changed our mobile version to make it a more accommodating for all platforms.

Also, we’re introducing a newer, larger and flexible format with our popular Events Calendar. It looks and works similar but should be more user-friendly.

You will see highlighted squares on those dates where events are scheduled. Simply put your cursor on that date and a pop-up box will give you bare essentials, or click on it for more details.

Also, we now feature the four latest videos on our home page instead of one.

In addition to the changes, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added Strike King Lure Company as a new advertiser and sponsor of our how-to videos.

We appreciate any feedback you have to offer. There may be bugs we have to work out in the early going and we appreciate your input and patience.

- Louie Stout