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Casting Couples Report

Jim and Merle Hobbs (LaPorte) - 1st Place

Jim and Merle Hobbs (LaPorte) won the Casting Couples Tournament at Corey Lake last weekend.

The Hobbs had 8.72 pounds earning $190. They also had the second biggest bass of the day which earned them tackle packs from Butchers Baits. Hobbs said they used swim jigs in 10 plus feet of water.

Most of the contestants said fishing was slow but when the sun came out around noon the big ones turned on. All of the three-pound fish that were caught came in the last hour of the event.

Scott and Patty Smith (Burr Oak) - 2nd Place

Scott and Patty Smith (Burr Oak) were a close second with 8.51 pounds. They also had big bass of the day, a 4.84-pound largemouth.  Smith's took home $130 total for second and big bass. They used everything but the kitchen sink to catch their fish at all depths. The Big bass was caught in the last 30 minutes of the tournament.

Anthony and Kimm Sivits (Shipshewana) - 3rd Place

Anthony and Kimm Sivits (Shipshewana) had 7.19 pounds for third place which got them Great Lakes gear. The Sivits also said they used everything but the kitchen sink at all depths to catch there fish.

Rick and Jenner Kedik (South Bend) - first out of the money

Rick and Jenner Kedik (South Bend) were first out of the money with 6.47 pounds. They used Butchers Baits’ 3" Dancing NED to catch their fish in under 5' of water.

Scott and Patty Smith also Won 2023 Anglers of the Year points title by placing in the money 5 out of 6 tournaments.

The Casting Couples Classic will be held on Lake St. Clair Sept. 23rd.