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LMBT Report

Kent Dowden - 1st Place

Kent Dowden fished alone at Barton Lake and won the Little Money Bass Tournament (LMBT) last weekend.

Dowden had 11 pounds, 10 ounces that he said he caught on a Johnson's Silver Spoon.

Jerry Roher and  Doug Roher - 2nd Place

Jerry Roher and Doug Roher were second with 7-10, caught on jerkbaits, jigs, Senkos and wacky worms.

Todd Mason and Edie Wilkinson - Big Bass

Dave Riddle and Tim Riddle were third with 5-11 caught on Senkos. Todd Mason and Edie Wilkinson had the biggest bass, a 3-7 they caught on a wacky rig.

The next tournament is the classic October 14 at Duke’s Bridge. For more information, visit the Lake Drive Marine Events Calendar on this website.