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Provided by G. Loomis

G. Loomis Adds Reaction Series to IMX-Pro Lineup

Expanding its IMX-PRO series to offer its largest range of rods for all current bass fishing techniques, G. Loomis introduces the new IMX-PRO ‘Reaction’ rods. The series adds 27 rods for lure specific uses, including crankbaits, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, umbrella rigs, topwater and frogs. With the 24 IMX-PRO ‘Bottom Contact’ rods for jig and worm, Carolina rig, flip/punch, drop-shot and shaky head techniques introduced in spring ‘17, “this extensive line-up of IMX-PRO rods offer the perfected actions serious tournament anglers look for,” said G. Loomis’ Bruce Holt, “and with these technique specific designations, we can help avid anglers become more advanced and competitive.”

All IMX-PRO rods features blanks designed with new G. Loomis materials - a blend of resin and fibers to gain the ultimate strength to weight benefit, Fuji ‘K’ frame Alconite guide train, and more fishing comfort from increased palm swell to the full cork grips. According the Holt, the IMX-PRO rods “take advantage of improvements in both our manufacturing processes and materials. We rely on G. Loomis’ proprietary Multi-Taper Technology to design the IMX-PRO blanks to fish specific techniques, and then strategic scrim placement is used to create very specific tapers to enhance the action for each of those techniques.”

He notes the blanks are up to 18% lighter than comparable E6X rod blanks. “Anglers will quickly sense a noticeable step above performance improvement over previous IMX rods,” said Holt, “and will note the details we put into each – like the double-footed hook keepers that are best suited for the lures used with the ’Reaction’ rods.”

In casting models, the IMX-PRO Reaction rods include a seven-foot-six and two eight-foot swimbait rods; a seven-foot-seven umbrella rig rod; nine crankbait rods in six-foot-six, seven-foot, seven-foot-six and eight-foot lengths; two ‘Deep-Flex’ seven-foot-two-inch crankbait rods; a six-foot-three and two six-foot-nine spinnerbait rods; and six-foot-eight topwater and two seven-foot-four-inch topwater frog rods. The line-up also includes two six-foot-nine jerkbait rods – one casting and one spinning version.

The rods are priced from $325 to $360.

As with all G.Loomis rods, the IMX-PRO Series is manufactured in the USA. For more information on the new IMX-PRO Reaction rods, visit gloomis.com, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G.Loomis tackle dealer.