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Gill Brings Anglers New Jacket in Foul Weather Wear

Wind, waves, rain, sleet, and snow… There’s nothing more miserable than getting wet, cold, and clammy on the water. And while there is a myriad of rain suits on the market, few live up to their advertised comfort and protection.

Welcome GILL’s new Pro Tournament 3L Jacket, which represents years of product development and the greatest innovation in fishing jacket design in company history.

The jacket is the result of feedback from GILL’s distinguished team of pros and other trusted product testers across the globe – apparel designed and constructed to the most serious standards on the water. The 3-Layer jacket comes complete with kill cord attachment loops, adjustable Vortex® Hood System and reflective accents.

First introduced as part of their original Tournament Jacket series, Gill’s imaginative Vortex Hood solves several issues faced by anglers and boaters. “Originally, we engaged with our team of pros who shared their issues. Many of them wear a baseball or trucker style cap, hoodie, and then the waterproof shell with the hood up. Hoods inflate, caps fly off, so, we got to work on developing a solution,” says Matt Clark, Product Development Director, GILL.

After designing numbers of different hood configurations in their U.K. product development office and shipping to the U.S. for testing, Gill ultimately settled on the current and incomparable Vortex Hood.

“The Vortex Hood has a three-channeled construction with air chutes built into the hood itself. One goes over the top of the head and exits at the rear of the collar, and two vents down the side of the hood and out through the collar. You get a slipstream effect, allowing air to enter the front and exit out the back.

“Look at it in aerospace terms. With an airplane wing you get the vortex effect when wind travels faster over the top of the curved surface. So, over the top of the Vortex Hood wind speed accelerates and the air is sucked out the back of the hood.”

Another significant feature of the new Pro Tournament 3L Jacket is its revolutionary fabric design, guaranteed to keep anglers dry no matter what harsh conditions they face.

“We’re introducing a new three-layer, all-in-one fabric system to sportfishing,” said Clark. “The system features a durable outer face that can put up with abrasions, scuffs and being worn in some tough conditions. And water just beads and rolls off it…

“The inner layer features the waterproof, breathable technology; the barrier that stops water coming in from the outside, which is very important as it allows the fabric to breathe and transport moisture away from the skin. When you’re out all day on the water, conditions can turn warm and humid, but it’s still wet enough where you need a waterproof jacket. So, breathability makes all the difference.”

Clark continues: “Lastly, you have the next to skin layer, a material that picks up moisture from the skin and starts the moisture transport process. It spreads moisture evenly across the fabric to dry much quicker.”

Features galore and Gill’s all-in-one, three-layer fabric system make the Pro Tournament 3L Jacket the new benchmark in fishing rainwear.

Pro Tournament 3L Technology:

  • Waterproof
  • Fully taped seams
  • Durable water repellent finish
  • 3-layer fabric construction
  • Reflective
  • Vortex hood

Pro Tournament 3L Features/Benefits:

  • Vortex hood technology streams airflow to keep hood in place
  • 3-layer waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Adjustable double cuff with PU inner seal for watertight comfort
  • YKK Aquaguard front zip

The Pro Tournament 3L Jacket comes in two new colors (Graphite and Taupe) as well as sizing up to 4XL. It has an MSRP of $349.

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