Strike King Report

Strike King Weedless Ned Head Jig

As the Ned rigging technique has developed, so has the creativity of anglers in applying it. Strike King has expanded Ned rig offerings to include the Tour Grade Weedless Ned Head.

Last year, Strike King presented the Tour Grade Ned Head to the industry. It featured a flat, mushroom shaped head for clean rigging, a 2/0 black nickel sickle hook for precise rigging and solid hook up ratios, and a wire hook keeper along the hook shank to hold baits firm.

For 2021, Strike King adds a version that includes a wire weed guard that will allow anglers to take the Ned Rig off roading.

Crispin Powley, Director of Product Development for Strike King, said that the way anglers use lures are what drives product development, and the result is this new head. “We frequently hear from anglers who try new ways of using our lures in ways we didn’t design them for,” said Powley. “We heard from anglers fishing cover, that they wanted to be able to fish the Ned Rig and the result was the Weedless Ned Head.

The new Strike King Tour Grade Weedless Ned Head is available in 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16-ounce, and in two colors, black and green pumpkin.