Freedom Tackle Report

Speed Freak Spinnerbait

If you like to fish your spinnerbaits fast, the new Freedom Tackle Speed Freak is the answer.

Run it as fast as you want with this keel head spinnerbait designed to keep its head down and stay down on those super-speed retrieves. The new Speed Freak Spinnerbait can achieve high-speed retrieves because of its unique down-winged head design that slices through the water while also creating downforce with the bait.

The head design is finished with a two-barb super sticky bait keeper that is fully integrated with our premium black nickel hook – sized matched for the spinnerbait weight which, is size-stamped directly on the head. The head design also relies on a proprietary collar to increase skirt flair.

The other key to the Speed Freak’s performance is the patent-pending Kilter blade which allows for an erratic action from the bait and the skirt that guaranteed fish haven’t felt before with an absolutely unique vibration & flash!

Compact and Full Frame versions are available in multiple sizes and colors. 

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