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Ever Green Grass Ripper JigEver Green Grass Ripper Jig

Come summer, largemouth bass make a habit of burying themselves in the grass. Bass sharpies know they’re in there, of course, but not everyone has the patience to work through waters where the stringy stalks wrap around hooks and jig heads on every cast. That’s why DAIWA and Ever Green International’s new Grass Ripper (GR) jig series has been a hit.

For 2023, the upsized ¾-ounce Grass Ripper aims to tempt deepwater bass, and, slow crawled in the shallows, to earn the attention of spring bass.

Heavyweight jigs like the ¾-ounce Grass Ripper prove instantly effective in 20-feet of water and deeper, especially along steep ledges.

Featuring a perfectly positioned eyelet at the front of the jig’s nose, and teardrop-shaped head that angles smoothly from eyelet to base, the Grass Ripper gently slithers and glides over grass instead of trying to power through it. Following this path of least resistance allows the jig to avoid catching grass and other vegetation around the eyelet while its robust weed guard protects the hook.

The Grass Ripper’s unique anvil-shaped head also causes the jig to invitingly pendulum swing on the drop, expanding coverage. Run-of-the-mill jigs simply tumble and flop to the bottom.

Available in ¼-, 3/8-, ½-, and now ¾-ounce sizes, the Grass Ripper comes in ten proven colors. Weed guards in black, brown or clear blend with the jig’s primary color pattern, while its high-quality heavy-gauge, 4/0 custom bait-holder hook is a nod to the serious big-bass potential here in North America.

Suggested retail price is $7.49 to $8.49.