Berkley Report

Berkley’s Versatile New Money Badger CrankbaitBerkley’s Versatile New Money Badger Crankbait

Berkley announces the addition of the highly versatile, multispecies Money Badger crankbait.

Designed to excel in casting and trolling, the Money Badger also boasts a clicking sound profile that helps to deliver sound and action. This compact bait delivers a rod shaking, tail-thumping and balsa-like movement that anglers can appreciate.

The tungsten weight transfer system provides extended casting distance as well as accuracy. The Money Badger can be fished slow or at maximum speeds without blowing out due to the embedded line tie system which delivers incredibly stable tracking and an immediate recovery after a pause. Whether you are casting the bait to bass or trolling the bait for walleye, the optimized bill design will maintain contact with structure and rocks with minimal hang-up and each bait comes stocked with sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks.

Key Features

  • Maximum hard thumping and vibration with amplified side roll to draw in fish from a distance
  • Tungsten weight transfer in three larger sizes for maximum casting distance
  • Clicking sound profile is tuned to deliver the perfect balance of sound and action
  • Hybrid baitfish-crawfish design delivers slow rise so the bait hangs on the pause
  • Versatile bait can be cast or trolled and fished fast or slow without blowing out
  • Embedded line tie delivers incredible stable tracking at all speeds with immediate recovery after pause

St. Croix Report

St. Croix X-Trek Freshwater Fishing SystemSt. Croix X-Trek Freshwater Fishing System

St. Croix’s new X-Trek (pronounced cross-trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems appeal to anglers seeking precision-balanced, elevated, and handcrafted performance in a pre-matched spinning-rod and reel.

Engineered from a blank slate, four lightweight, balanced, versatile and powerful X-Trek models feature St. Croix’s newest formulation of sensitive and durable SCII carbon, further strengthened with FRS technology, matched with smooth, lightweight and rock-solid X-Trek spinning reels. Retail prices are $175 to $190 with a five-year rod warranty and a one-year reel warranty.

Zoom Report

Zoom Uni ToadZoom Uni Toad

Zoom Bait Company set the bass fishing world on its ear with the introduction of the Horny Toad, the buzz toad that popularized the topwater technique. Now, with the addition of the Uni Toad, Zoom has meshed power and finesse in a single-footed soft plastic for when the bass demand a different look.

As the name suggests, the Uni Toad has a single leg protruding from a flat toad-like body, with a boot tail that creates a ruckus, along with ample plastic to keep your hook in place and weed free – yet still readily available for a perfect hook set.

“It’s a fine mix between a shad and a toad,” said former Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle. “It has a little of that Horny Toad sound, but it’s more of a sight thing. It rolls and swims with a little bit of body wobble. Just like the toads, it’s good over grass, but it also really looks like a blueback herring or a shad in open water.”

Frabill Report

Frabill Conservation Folding NetFrabill Conservation Folding Net

Building on the success from previous Frabill Conservation net models, the new Conservation Folding Net makes in-season and off-season storage even easier with its new magnetic Pow’R Loc folding yoke. 

Constructed with key Frabill net features, the Conservation Folding Net is equipped with the extendable aluminum handle Frabill is known for with a molded rubber grip for extra control in wet conditions, a flat bottom knotless dipped micro-mesh netting for better fish care, and a meshguard hoop design. Available in six models and sizes, ranging from $79.99 to $129.99, there is a folding net for any fishing situation.