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Northland Tungsten Crappie KingNorthland Tungsten Crappie King
Northland Tungsten Crappie King

Panfish jigs are nothing new. As long as there have been hooks, metal, and feathers, resourceful anglers have combined ingredients to create fish-catching baits. Thing is that these historically effective baits have been made of one thing for the last century: lead.

But we’re living in a new age – and yes, there’s a better way. And one that will put more fish in the icebox.

We’re talking tungsten.

Because tungsten is so hard, compact, and heavy, the material provides anglers with extreme sensitivity, which can be incredibly helpful to determine bottom substrate and detect the slightest of bites. It also falls fast, getting down to fish low in the water column – another benefit.

Limited for many years to the bass, walleye, and ice fishing realms, Northland Fishing Tackle is proud to introduce several new designs of tungsten jigs designed specifically for targeting panfish: crappies, sunfish, and perch.

The Tungsten Crappie King is a bite-sized jig that still packs a heavy punch. Made from tungsten that is 30% denser than lead, this small package gets to the fish fast. Once down there, anglers will feel more bites because of the hardness of the material, which telegraphs more sensitivity up the line, through the rod, and into the anglers’ hands.

In addition to catching more fish, this eco-friendly material is also better for the environment. Suggested retail for two jigs is $6.59.


  • Fish-attracting 3D Holographic Red Eyes
  • Dense Tungsten Head – 30% more dense than lead
  • Premium, sticky-sharp small-format hook
  • Vertical line-tie
  • Available in 1/16 oz. (#8 hook) & 1/8 oz. (#6 hook)
  • Colors include Black, Super-Glo White, Olive, Super-Glo Pinky, Bubblegum, Sunrise, Super-Glo Moonlight, and Parakeet