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CrushCity™ Cleanup Craw™ from RapalaCrushCity™ Cleanup Craw™ from Rapala
CrushCity™ Cleanup Craw™ from Rapala

For champion professional bass angler Jacob Wheeler, a soft plastic crawfish imitation is the life blood of any serious angler’s arsenal.

So, when Wheeler teamed up with Rapala to create a craw that could be pitched and flipped and used as a trailer on all sorts of jigs, he didn’t want it to be like everyone else’s craw. It had to be a craw that he could personally use to win America’s biggest bass tournaments.

Welcome to the new CrushCity™ Cleanup Craw™, a craw unlike any other, where every subtle feature adds up to a big-time, crushing difference.

“The subtle differences make all of the difference,” Wheeler said. “The main attraction to this craw is the upside-down legs and the kicking action on this craw is insane. Every time that I move the bait, the legs will start to quiver.”

It also features a carefully crafted body, thick enough to hold a beefy hook without slipping, but not so thick as to hinder a hook set. It’s the perfect combination of softness that leads fish to hang on for extended periods of time, along with extreme durability.

Whether it’s dropped through a thick mat of vegetation behind a big tungsten weight or dragged along the lake floor on the back of a football jig, this craw has the consistent kicking action and perfect profile. It’s bulky without being intimidating, able to catch both limits and the biggest bass that swim on the same day. That’ll make you a more efficient angler, knowing that you’re fishing with the same tools that a champion pro bass angler brings to battle everywhere he goes.

The CrushCity Cleanup Craw is 3.5 inches long and is available in 17 custom colors tweaked specifically to Wheeler’s preferences that allow bass anglers to perfectly match the local crawfish in their favorite waters. It comes in 7 craws to the pack and has a suggested retail price of US $6.99.