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Accessibility Information Now AvailableAccessibility Information Now Available

Want to enjoy Indiana’s outdoors but are concerned about what areas might present barriers?

A new one-stop feature of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website highlights work that has been purposeful in reducing challenges to allow guests to experience all that DNR properties offer.

Just go to on.IN.gov/dnr-accessibility and select the activity you would like and which properties interest you or those of your family or friends.

Once there, you’ll find maps, photos, and details about some of the destinations that feature accommodations for hunting and fishing, trail chairs, wheelchair accessible trails, paved trails, beach mats, and the like.

While this list is expansive, it is not a comprehensive list of accessible activities. If there is a property that appeals to your interests, we recommend calling the property office for more information.

“This is one of the many things we are doing to welcome all to DNR properties so they can enjoy the many benefits of Indiana’s great outdoors,” said DNR director Dan Bortner.

Make sure to bookmark the link for quick access and share it with anyone you think could benefit.