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MDNR Report

Two people were arrested Saturday for possessing illegal firearms and drugs after a Michigan DNr conservation officer conducted a traffic stop in a remote area of the Pigeon River Country State Forest, in Otsego County.

The officer initially observed the vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. During the stop, the vehicle occupants told the officer, “We are just out looking to hunt stuff.”

The officer saw that the passenger had an uncased .308 rifle near their right leg with a rifle round on the door handle. Additionally, the driver – who had binoculars around his neck – had a loaded .22 caliber rifle behind the seat.

Additional conservation officers soon arrived on scene to assist.

Officers searched the rental vehicle the suspects were operating and found two additional firearms, used rifle casings, alcohol, several containers of crystal meth, marijuana, and evidence of drug use.

DNR officers confiscated three rifles and one shotgun, along with the ammunition and drugs.

The names of those arrested will not be released until they are arraigned in court. Both suspects face multiple felony charges. The investigation is ongoing.