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Electronics are crucial components to an angler’s success, and they also can serve as practical navigation tools. While “electronics” is a broad term that can mean many different things, the most common form is sonar. Sonar is a system that detects objects under the water by emitting sound pulses. Once these pulses hit an object and are reflected back, the unit takes this data and converts the time between when each pulse was emitted and when it returns into distance, displaying a 2D picture of the world below. The sound pulses derive from a transducer, a puck-shaped object, usually affixed to the boat’s transom. A properly working transducer will make soft clicking noises as it transmits.

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The black bear’s winter slumber will soon be over. In late March to early May, bears leave their dens and begin looking for food to replenish their bodies. As they rejoin us in search of nourishment, it's important to remember that human behavior affects bear behavior.

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New Gear

Big Bite Baits launched its “Scentsation” line of soft plastics.

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Chris Johnston: Smallmouth Drop Shot Tips
Chris Johnston: Smallmouth Drop Shot Tips
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