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Clear H2O

The Antique Fishing Lure Collectors Club Nationals will be held from July 10-12 at The Grand Wayne Convention Center in downtown Ft. Wayne.

This is the largest antique fishing lure show in the nation with more than 800 tables filled with antique fishing tackle for sale, trade, or simple to enjoy looking at.

By Doug Bucha

Swap market for antique tackle.Several lure collectors and members of the public stopped by the Heddon Lure Collectorsí public gathering last month and another good group is anticipated for the next meeting, June 10 at the Heddon Museum in Dowagiac, Mich.

Last month, the collectors had a busy time trading and buying fishing items among themselves. Trading lures is especially fun in that both parties are happy with the new lures they have exchanged. This adds to their collection with no cash involved.

The next gathering for antique tackle collectors will be held at Heddon Museum April 8 at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the former Heddon factory at 414 West St. in Dowagiac, Mich. The Museum is located two blocks north and two blocks west of the Mc Donald's.

The informal meeting of antique fishing lure collectors is mostly a show-and-tell with some selling, trading, and buying of old tackle taking place.

It’s open to anyone interested in old antique fishing tackle or who has old gear that he or she would like to be appraised. For more information, email Doug Bucha at HYPERLINK "mailto:ndBucha@yahoo.com" ndBucha@yahoo.com.