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Clay and Brad Sterling out-dueled a tough field of 31 teams Saturday in the Southwest Michigan Anglers Club (SMAC) tournament on Paw Paw Lake.

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Jeremy Siler and Brock Howell won the Butcher Baits Opening Day Tournament at Klinger Lake Saturday.

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New Gear

You’ve heard the stories over the years. So-and-so would have won the big-money tournament if it hadn’t been for a dead fish at weigh-in.

A solution to similar sad stories, EGO is proud to offer the affordable and easy-to-carry FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER, designed from the ground up to provide a safe and friendly way for the tournament angler to transport fish to tournament weigh-ins, as well as ice fish for dinner, even chill beverages.

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Gerald Swindle - Rules
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