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Missile Baits Report

Missile Baits

Missile Baits is launching a new customer recognition program for big bass caught on Missile Baits and Missile Jigs called “Missile Records.”

The Missile Baits web site will host Missile Records. Missile will also share catches on one their various social media channels. Top 5 catches and more will be recorded and shown for each bait they sell on their web site.

Missile Baits owner and pro bass angler, John Crews said, “We get so many pics and stories about big bass caught on our baits that we could not keep track of what the biggest was. Missile Records is a totally unofficial way for us to have a bragging board for people to see what type of big bass each one of our baits catch. It is going to be fun to watch the entries as they come in!”

Missile Records will keep track of the 5 biggest bass plus the biggest smallmouth or spotted bass caught on each bait or jig. The weight is going to be on an honor system to show the scales or Missile will guestimate the weight from the picture. The records are not going to be official. Missile will not reward any prizes of value. It is all about the recognition of big bass being caught on each one of the lures that Missile Bait and Missile Jigs puts out.

Here’s the link: https://missilebaits.store/pages/big-bass-records