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Bass U. Report

Bass University TV, a source for educational materials and learning opportunities for bass anglers, launched a new app this week for both Apple and Android products.

The free download contains all of Bass University TV’s online content for paid subscribers while giving curious soon-to-be subscribers a taste of the entire experience.

“We live in an increasingly mobile world,” said Bass University co-founder Pete (The Dean) Gluszek. “By putting our content in the palm of your hand, we’ve enabled you to learn in any environment. You can even solve your most difficult problems while you’re out on the water. It’s like taking the world’s best bass experts along with you.”

In addition to offering a compendium of materials, the new app organizes and categorizes them in a user-friendly manner. It not only provides over 700 training videos from the world’s best bass experts, but it allows you to search for them by an instructor, a particular topic, or even by the “most-watched” videos. They’re also divided among classroom and on-the-water tutelage. Additionally, both subscribers and non-subscribers will be able to stream the Bass University Live show through the app.

Multiple new videos will be released each week, including seminars, on-the-water videos, live shows, interviews, and other original content, all with advanced production values and close-up demonstrations that will help anglers learn new techniques. You can binge-watch or learn at your own pace.

“We wanted to create a better overall experience that allows you to engage with the training in the way that suits you best,” said co-founder Mike Iaconelli. “Not only does it allow you to take Bass University with you wherever you go, but now with the Apple version, you can also easily cast our products to any Smart TV. In the near future, all of these materials will be available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Hulu. This is an amazing resource for anglers to keep up with all the latest trends and information.”

In addition to providing a new means of delivering the ever-growing library of Bass University materials, the new app will also serve as a platform for a continuing stream of new enhancements. “Stay tuned for future releases detailing all of the new things we’re planning,” Gluszek said.

The Bass University app is available for free download now.  This provides members with access to Bass University live, interviews, and a ton of great free training videos.  You can find it in the Google Play Store or the App Store.