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Clear H2O

IDNR Report

The DNR will stock additional rainbow trout into six northern Indiana streams in the upcoming weeks.

Those streams are: Pigeon River in Steuben County and at the LaGrange-Steuben county line, Turkey Creek in LaGrange County, Little Elkhart River in Elkhart County, Little Kankakee River and Slocum Ditch in LaPorte County, and Potato Creek in St. Joseph County.

Pigeon River, Turkey Creek and Little Elkhart River will be stocked for the weekend of May 12-13 and Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27.

Little Kankakee River, Potato Creek and Slocum Ditch will only be stocked for Memorial Day weekend.

Pigeon River will be stocked at Steuben County Road 175 North and County Road 1100 West, which is the LaGrange-Steuben county line.

In LaGrange County, Turkey Creek will be stocked at County Road 150 North.

In Elkhart County, Little Elkhart River will be stocked at Bonneville Mill Park.

In St. Joseph County, Potato Creek will be stocked inside Potato Creek State Park and at North Liberty Town Park.

Finally, in LaPorte County, Slocum Ditch will be stocked at Hunt Park in Wanatah, and Little Kankakee River will be stocked at County Road 500 East, County Road 100 South and State Road 4.

In addition to the rainbow trout stockings, brown trout obtained from Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery in Kentucky will be released at four locations in northeast Indiana the week of May 21.

Those locations are: the Oliver Lake chain of lakes in LaGrange County (Oliver, Olin and Martin lakes); Pigeon River at County Road 1100 West on the LaGrange-Steuben county line; and Little Elkhart River at County Road 43 and Solomon Creek at County Road 33 in Elkhart County.

The bag limit for trout in inland waters, other than Lake Michigan and its tributaries, is five fish per day with a minimum size of 7 inches. No more than one of these can be a brown trout.

In addition, brown trout taken from the Oliver Lake chain must be at least 18 inches in length.

Anglers ages 18 years and older will need an Indiana fishing license and a trout/salmon stamp to fish for trout.