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Clear H2O

(Provided by Indiana DNR)

Fishing in the area near the new sea lamprey barrier that was completed earlier this year on Trail Creek in Michigan City has been prohibited by the DNR by emergency rule.

The purpose is to protect migrating trout and salmon.

The rule, which took effect last week, prohibits the taking or possession of fish within 100 feet upstream of the barrier and from the barrier downstream to the Pottawatomie Country Club Golf Course property line, which is located adjacent to Springland Avenue in Michigan City.

The Michigan DNR has proposed to establish a new trout stream category. Currently, there are four categories of trout streams; this proposed additional category is referred to as a Type 5 trout stream. This effort is in response to requests from anglers to increase the daily possession limit on brook trout across the Upper Peninsula.

On Type 5 stream segments, the daily possession limit for brook trout would be 10 fish and the minimum size limit would be 7 inches. All or portions of 10 Upper Peninsula rivers and tributary streams are being proposed for the Type 5 category and have been selected from existing Type 1 streams (which have a daily possession limit of five fish and 7-inch minimum size limit).

(Provided by Michigan DNR)

Michigan Fisheries staffers at the Platte River State Fish Hatchery arrived for work a week ago to find 5,700 coho salmon dead in one of the maturation ponds at the Upper Weir.

All signs indicate the loss was from a late Thursday night vandalism act, as it appears the fish were forcibly crowded into a small area which blocked water flow through the screens and created conditions in which the dissolved oxygen concentrations became lethal.