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By Chip Leer

Walleye Jigs For The Job

Jigs catch walleyes. But not all jigs are the same, which means choosing the right jig for the job can mean the difference between loading the livewell and getting skunked.

Dividing leadhead designs into the following three categories can help you get it right every time.

Jigs For Plastics - typically feature a line-tie placement on the top of the head, a stout hook, and a wire keeper to prevent plastics from sliding down the hook shank. Examples include Northland Fishing Tackle’s Slurp! Jig Head and Current Cutter Jig, which work with shad, curl-tail and minnow-style plastics, as well as live bait.

Jigs For Live Bait - come in several options. Northland Fishing Tackle’s legendary Fire-Ball Jig, built for vertical jigging and casting, features a short shank, which holds the minnow firmly against the jig’s round head.

Stand-up designs like Northland’s Rock-It Jig elevate the tail of the bait in a lifelike manner, and excel for dragging live bait on bottom and casting around debris.

Specialty Jigs - are made for special situations. Northland’s Weed-Weasel, for example, has a sleek head, forward line tie and Y-shaped plastic weedguard to slip through thick vegetation without snagging.

The company’s Thumper Jig, meanwhile, sports a thumping belly blade for added flash, flicker and vibration deadly in moderate to darkly stained water. For extra flash in clear to slightly stained conditions, try Northland’s Whistler Jig. This jig features a propeller, which also slows the fall rate—another key consideration when choosing which jig to tie on next.