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Tournament News Powered By Lake Drive MarineTournament News Powered By Lake Drive Marine

By Louie Stout

PNA Club Stocks Walleyes in Diamond LakePNA Club Stocks Walleyes in Diamond Lake

The P.N.A. Fisherman’s Club – one of the oldest in Indiana – stocked walleyes in Diamond Lake at Cassopolis recently.

The club pays for stocking walleyes in a Michiana lake each year, a generous act it’s been doing for more than 20 years. This year, 550 fall fingerlings measuring 6 to 8 inches were planted in Diamond.

“We had hoped to stock them in Indiana’s Fish Lake near North Liberty, Ind., but the Indiana DNR said we couldn’t get the permit unless each fish was tested for a virus,” said club spokesman Ted Wasielewski. “That was going to cost an extra dollar per fish.”

Dr. Jason Halfen, Traditions Media

Trophy Walleye Time Has ArrivedTrophy Walleye Time Has Arrived

You must have noticed it.

Summer's familiar clear blue skies have turned turn angry and gray. Gentle southern winds have evolved into frigid northerly gales. Bright leaves of crimson and gold now hang perilously from branches, and yes, ice scrapers and snow brushes have become must-have equipment to support the morning commute. With all of its bawdiness and urgency, it's obvious autumn has arrived.

Within rapidly cooling waters, primal forces drive walleyes into a fall feeding rampage. Bundled against the elements, anglers cast, jig, troll and drift with live baits and artificial lures, ready to do battle with biggest, baddest, and smartest fish of the season.

Go big or go home. A classic fall technique for oversized daytime walleyes is to fish oversized live baits along deep structure. This is a tried-and-true midday method on classic walleye waters and frequently works best after the fall turnover has occurred. Look for sharp breaklines leading into deep water, deep saddles between points, or offshore humps that top out at 20-30 feet deep.

Provided by Rapala

Lindner Shares Tips for Tough Summertime Walleye BiteLindner Shares Tips for Tough Summertime Walleye Bite

Walleyes in the wrong place and not biting what they should be this summer?

You’re not alone! But fear not, Al Linder is here to share three can’t-miss tactics to put ‘eyes into your boat – and without live bait.

“Talking to the guides and a lot of the people we know all over the Midwest, everybody has said this has been the strangest year any of us have ever seen for catching walleyes,” acknowledges Lindner, legendary co-founder of In-Fisherman and host of the influential Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV shows. “On average, it’s been a tough bite, but we still have lots of fish to catch.”

The following three bites, Linder says, are on now pretty reliably in Minnesota’s famed Walleye factories like Otter Tail, Leech, Mille Lacs, Red, Cass and Vermilion, as well as in lakes like them throughout the Upper Midwest: Weed bite, Structure Bite and Suspended Bite.

“Those three things are all happening at the same time,” Linder says. “Not every walleye in the lake is always doing the same thing at the same depth. There’s a lot of fish that do a lot of different things. And that holds true all the time.”

Weed Bite

By Chip Leer

Five Steps To More Summer WalleyesFive Steps To More Summer Walleyes

Early summer walleye fishing is a time of change, adjustment and opportunity. As water temperatures rise into the 60s and 70s, many walleyes in northern natural lakes and reservoirs abandon shallow shoreline areas in favor of offshore structure.

No longer content to congregate in small areas, the fish scatter and roam. Instead of finding the mother lode of ’eyes ganged in a single sweet spot, you often end up tracking down individual fish spread out over sprawling structure.

On the positive side, the fish are aggressive and hungry. Walleyes are far more apt to chase and hit faster-moving presentations now than they were earlier in the season, so you can cover water quickly in search of the next strike.

To find and catch summer walleyes fast, I follow a simple five-step strategy.