WEST POINT, MS – Mossy Oak, along with North American Hunter, has partnered with ScoutLook weather to bring deer hunters a full service Smartphone app for tracking deer, weather, wind direction, barometric pressure, solunar times and more.

DeerLog is available for iPhone and Android devices for a one-time purchase of $3.99. It automatically captures time, date, GPS location, weather details, wind direction and moon information at the time of your deer sighting. The simple format with a drop down menu system and no typing makes it simple to capture data right from a treestand.

“DeerLog is a must-have app for obsessed deer hunters and property managers,” said Jacopo “Yok” Re, New Media Coordinator for Mossy Oak. “Understanding your deer and how they move as it ties to weather and other environmental conditions can really impact your hunt. Having that information at your finger tip is invaluable.”

You can review your logs on your phone or from your computer at www.scoutlookweather.com, since the app syncs the data with the website. Track buck to doe ratios and buck age structure by stand or property. Simply put, DeerLog will help you know what works, when and why from your hunting location.

The ScentCone Wind Map displays speed and direction at your hunting location for 72 hours. ScoutMarX saves key locations in the field: scrapes, rubs, bedding, food, water holes, blood trails, camera sites, feeder/attractant sites, trail crossings, topographic pinch points, parking areas, etc., all pinned to the satellite map for later reference.

ScoutLookweather.com in the only major weather website that is owned and operated solely by hunters. ScoutLook is a free online service providing pinpoint, map-based weather details, wind map tools, solunar times, lunar phase, tides, hourly barometric changes, and a log book to help hunters decide where, when and how best to hunt or fish. Log in from your app or online and get all you need to know from one resource before heading out.