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IDNR Report

Are you looking for new places to hunt?

Indiana Private Lands Access Program (IPLA) has a new self-service sign-in system for hunters wishing to hunt private properties. Small game, deer, and waterfowl hunters can visit the new website to view available locations, photos, and maps, as well as property rules.

Hunt windows can be up to three days long, depending on when you register. The system resets at 8 p.m. ET on the final night of each 3-day cycle. Hunters can sign up for the same property only twice in a row. Be sure to sign up early during each window.

Remember: Game bird (pheasant and quail) and turkey hunts are still administered through the reserved hunt draw system.

As IPLA continues to work with private landowners, more properties will likely be added -stay tuned for more places to hunt.