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We’ve not updated our blog here regarding trout and salmon fishing because, frankly, there’s been very little to report.

However, things are looking up on the St. Joseph River, as more salmonids have moved upstream. We’re getting decent reports of steelhead and coho being caught around the Twin Branch dam in Indiana and at Niles and Berrien Springs in Michigan.

More trout and salmon pushed into Indiana waters this week while deer continue to die of the EHD virus.

Coho Jumping BarrierCoho Jumping BarrierTrout/salmon: Oddly enough, there have been as many coho coming through the South Bend ladder the past few days as there have been steelhead.

Fish can be seen jumping the barrier at Trail Creek and at the South Bend dam.

“We counted 17 steelhead and 17 coho in the ladder this morning,” said Bodine Hatchery Manager Dave Meuninck. “The river temperature is down in the 60s, so we should see continued movement.”

Action at Trail Creek Weir

Steelhead were spotted on an underwater camera at the Berrien Springs fish ladder late this week while coho have shown up at the Michigan City weir.

Could we see another movement of big fish into South Bend?

Cooler air temperatures in the forecast could make that happen, say fish managers.

“Things should get going this weekend,” said Bodine Assistant Hatchery Manager Bob Bell. “We just need this water temperature (72 on Thursday) to drop.”

Leaping SteelheadLeaping SteelheadThe steelhead run has hit the skids.

Rising St. Joseph River water temperatures have forced migrating steelhead to put on the brakes and take refuge around mouths of cooler, incoming creeks and water discharges.

Some fish are still being caught, said Dick Parker of Central Park Bait in Mishawaka.

The steelhead trout have arrived in Indiana.

Not in the great numbers that anglers anticipate, but enough that fish are appearing at the South Bend dam and some limits are being caught in Central Park of Mishawaka.

That means you can find fish throughout the St. Joseph River system, from Berrien Springs to Mishawaka.

Dave Meuninck of Bodine Fish Hatchery in Mishawaka said crews captured 22 Skamania in the South Bend ladder Monday and another 21 on Wednesday.