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Clear H2O

(Provided by MDNR)

Randall Chain a Good Choice for Redear Sunfish

Looking for redear sunfish? You might try Randall Chain of Lakes.

There's no shortage of fishing access for those living in or visiting southwestern Michigan. Craig and Morrison lakes - part of the Randall Chain of Lakes in Branch County - can be included on the list with a group of seven interconnected lakes that cover nearly 1,100 acres.

Located near Coldwater (population of nearly 11,000), these lakes are just a quick trip for those traveling from Indiana or Ohio and there's plenty of panfish, bass, yellow perch and northern pike to target.

Craig and Morrison lakes are the two northern most lakes in the Randall Chain of Lakes. The Coldwater River flows into the southern end of the chain and exits out of Craig Lake.

Craig Lake specifically covers 122 acres and has a maximum depth of 25 feet. It has several islands and more than half of the lake is less than 10 feet deep. Morrison Lake is larger at 288 acres with an average depth of 21 feet and a maximum depth of 46 feet.

By Louie Stout

Wisconsin study suggests bluegill can be overharvested.

When Indiana fish managers revisit a proposal to set a bag limit on bluegills, they might want to look at a Wisconsin study.

That study dismisses the long held belief that if you don’t harvest a lot of bluegills, you wind up with a pond or lake full of stunted bluegills.

In fact, say Wisconsin scientists, there is evidence that overharvest can result in smaller bluegill.

So, what does that have to do with Indiana?

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Drop-shot rigging not just for bass anymore

Drop shot rigging is a staple presentation of serious bass fans from coast to coast, but it remains a largely overlooked option for anglers pursuing other species of gamefish, including crappies.

That’s unfortunate, because in the right situations, drop shotting can yield banner catches, and even out-fish textbook strategies.

“Drop shotting is a great choice whenever the fish are relatively close to bottom and you want to cover water a little faster, or with more precision, than you can with slip bobbers or vertical jigging,” says veteran fishing guide and lifelong panfish fanatic Scott Glorvigen.