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Drop-shot rigging not just for bass anymore

Drop shot rigging is a staple presentation of serious bass fans from coast to coast, but it remains a largely overlooked option for anglers pursuing other species of gamefish, including crappies.

That’s unfortunate, because in the right situations, drop shotting can yield banner catches, and even out-fish textbook strategies.

“Drop shotting is a great choice whenever the fish are relatively close to bottom and you want to cover water a little faster, or with more precision, than you can with slip bobbers or vertical jigging,” says veteran fishing guide and lifelong panfish fanatic Scott Glorvigen.

Bill Ferris - Ice Fishing ExpertD&R Sports Center in Kalamazoo will host a two-day Ice Fishing Show at the Kalamazoo store Dec. 6-7.

Show hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

Two of the Great Lakes’ top ice fishing experts, Chas Thompson and Bill Ferris, will present free workshops both days.

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Late Fall CrappiesNovember spurs thoughts of ice fishing, but plenty of fine open-water fishing remains for the faithful who see the season through to the end.

Take crappies, for example. One of the year's best bites is still firing on all cylinders, and promises stellar slabbin' right through freeze-up.

"It's undoubtedly worth getting your boat out a few more times to enjoy the late-fall crappie bite," says veteran guide and noted fishing authority Scott Glorvigen. "The fish are ganged up in predictable places, and ready to hit baits with a vengeance."

By Nathaniel Myson

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Sit tight and wait for the fish to come to you or pick up and start drilling holes to go to the fish?If you’re an ice-fisherman, you’ve almost certainly debated this question: Sit tight and wait for the fish to come to you or pick up and start drilling holes to go to the fish? Staying put may result in a day spent just out of the fish’s range. Go mobile and you might leave just before the fish arrive.

If this indecision is bugging you, here are a couple guys who know a thing about staying or going, and their advice can help you make better fishing decisions on the ice.

by Daniel Quade

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Catch More Crowded CrappiesVisions of icing slab crappies seldom include crowds of anglers. More often, sweet dreams of icy nirvana center on remote backcountry waters or hidden gems that somehow fly under the masses’ radar. However, while untapped fisheries can be dynamite, you can also enjoy banner catches on waters besieged by the bucket brigade.

Panfish fanatic Paul Fournier knows the drill. Years of practicing his craft on hard-hit lakes sprinkled across central Minnesota’s Minneapolis-St. Paul megatropolis have left him well versed on tackling pressure-cooker crappies. His finely tuned tactics include a blend of pre-trip recon and refined fishing strategies to ice slabs that elude other anglers.

“Start by doing your homework, so you know as much as possible about a lake before you get there,” he said.