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By Nathan Shore

When ice fishing pressure peaks, anglers should tweak presentations to fool panfish.The depth finder reveals a pair of big crappies under the hole. Anxious to get the bait back down there, you let the spoon fall right to them…and they disappear.

It happens all the time. Dropping jigs and spoons too fast can spook bluegills, crappies, perch and other panfish. Using aggressive colors and tactics can spook ‘em, too. We sometimes forget we’re sitting only a few feet over their heads, giving panfish every excuse to be skittish. Standing up, sitting down, scraping buckets on the ice, hovering over the hole, then allowing light to stream down there in a big beam – it’s amazing we catch any at all.

By Chuck Powell

Merriclk Powell with a nice bluegill.Dad…can we go fishing today?

That’s something that’s said often around my household this summer.

Merrick Powell shows off a nice Michiana bluegill he caught while fishing with his dad last week. Bluegill fishing remains good through late summer.

It doesn’t take a lot of coaxing for me to want to go. Besides, what better way to keep kids occupied and out of trouble than spending a day bluegill fishing with them?

I’m amazed at how many anglers stop panfishing during the dog days of the summer. The fish still have to eat – and will – if you spend time looking for them.