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By Daniel Quade
(Provided by PRADCO Fishing)

Look For Last Weeds For Fall WalleyeLindy rigging walleyes along deep, steep breaklines is a killer fall pattern on many lakes, but such structure isn’t the only place this time-honored tactic holds water. In many systems, weedlines hold the key to incredible late-season catches.

“After the fall turnover, many anglers focus on deep structure,” said veteran walleye guide Mike Christensen. “And in the right lakes, it’s hard to beat rigging a large redtail chub or sucker minnow out deep. But in a lot of situations, the weed bite is better.”

Such is the case on Christensen’s home waters of mighty Mille Lacs Lake, where he runs ice and open-water walleye adventures out of Hunter Winfield’s Resort. Though the central Minnesota walleye factory offers plenty of structure options offshore, the perimeters of its fertile weedbeds are often overlooked. The same scenario arises in many natural lakes with an abundance of shoreline vegetation. Not only are the weedbeds full of walleye, but with most anglers mining off-shore areas, you can have them to yourself.

By Daniel Quade
(Provided by PRADCO fishing)

Casting for Fall WalleyesDeep and steep is the mantra for many anglers when it comes to locating fall walleyes, but a little well-timed shallow thinking can produce great catches as well. Indeed, under the right conditions, relatively skinny water can be your best bet for hooking up with fat October ’eyes in flowing and still-water scenarios across the Walleye Belt.

Don Olson and Randy Carroll are no strangers to thinking thin. They’ve tapped the shallow bite on lakes and rivers across the Midwest, both for fun and money as a team on the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit, and they’ve taken Team of the Year honors and finished strong numerous times.

By Nathan Shore
(Provided by PRADCO Fishing)

Livebait RigFrom late summer though fall, live-bait rigging catches walleyes every day, especially when that weight sliding on your main line is perfectly in tune with depth, wind, bait type and size.

A live bait rig featuring a walking-type sinker resists bottom snags and keeps your livebait in the strike zone.

A leader separates struggling live bait from that weight, giving it room to swim, squirm and attract fish. Simple. Beautiful. Deadly.

But the key is putting that minnow, leech or crawler on a target below the boat. Rigging experts know how to triangulate their targets and allow for current, velocity and depth.

Triangulating, in this case, is simple. As you move deeper, use a larger weight. As the wind picks up, go with a larger weight. And as the size of the bait increases – well, you get the idea.

By Daniel Quade
(Provided by PRADCO Fishing)

Fall WalleyeLate summer into early autumn can be a tricky time to tackle walleyes, as wandering ‘eyes transition between their summer and fall seasonal haunts. But with the right game plan, anglers can still enjoy some of the year’s finest fishing.

Northwoods guide Bill Rosner rigs up deep walleyes throughout the early to mid-fall transition.

Walleye sage and longtime northwoods guide Bill Rosner knows the drill. Three decades of putting clients on fish across the upper reaches of Wisconsin and Minnesota has taught him plenty about tapping into the early fall bite.