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Tournament News Powered By Lake Drive MarineTournament News Powered By Lake Drive Marine

(Provided by Shimano)

Shimano takes the next step in compact, lightweight casting reels with the new Aldebaran series that are ideal for light crankbaits and finesse lures.

Now available in four models – the Aldebaran 50 and left-hand retrieve 51 with 6.5:1 gear ratios, and the higher speed 50HG and 51HG with 7.4:1 gear ratios, the new low-profile reels introduce Shimano’s ‘SilentTune’ feature for quieter, vibration reduced bearing operation.

By reducing the vibration in the bearing that supports the spool – even when the spool is rotating at high speeds during the cast - anglers are provided with enhanced level of smoothness and casting precision.

(Provided by G. Loomis)

G. LoomisG. LoomisIt's the season of love and G. Loomis wants to share some with you and it will last for fishing season after fishing season.

G.Loomis continues its "Guaranteed Love" program for 2015, enabling anglers to purchase any G. Loomis fishing rod - from the just announced E6X bass rods through the NRX series - and have a full 30 days to fall in love with it.

And, if you don't? Just bring it back.

(Provided by G. Loomis)

Designed around a performance platform with a focus on weight, balance, sensitivity and action, the new E6X G. Loomis rods will appeal to anglers of all levels can experience.

The series includes 30 casting and spinning rods, offered in both technique specific models with exacting actions and ‘Classic’ models that have easy-to-cast, more forgiving actions for a variety of lures.

The rods were to be unveiled at the Bassmaster Classic later this month and appear at G. Loomis dealers this spring.

Any angler would be pleased to find a new Shimano Curado baitcasting reel under the Christmas tree.

And now, any Curado 200I reel purchased from participating tackle dealers comes with a holiday bonus package of Jackall Lures hard baits and soft plastics, valued up to $29.

A long-time favorite among avid bass anglers, the newly updated Curado reels are available in five models ñ the Curado CU200PG, CU200, CU200HG, and left-hand retrieve CU201 and 201HG.

(Provided by Fenwick)

Fenwick Redesigns Elite Tech RodsFenwick Redesigns Elite Tech Rods

As anglers grow increasingly sophisticated in their techniques and presentations their equipment must be able to keep up. Fenwick's revamped Elite Tech line of species-specific rods for bass, walleye, trout/panfish and big predators gives anglers a true tactical advantage.

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass offers seven spinning and 11 baitcast models for most every bass technique including dropshot, Texas rig, flipping and others. These lightweight rods are precisely balanced to be comfortable for hours of non-stop fishing and sensitive enough to feel the most subtle bites. Simply pick a technique, choose the Elite Tech Bass rod to match it and fish like a tournament pro.

Elite Tech Walleye rods are available in 11 spinning versions and one baitcaster with fast and extra-fast tips. Walleye can be very finicky and the medium-light and medium actions on these rods are ideal for precise, delicate presentations whether fishing with crankbaits, jigs, spinners, spoons or soft plastics and live bait.