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By Nathan Shore
(Provided by PRADCO Fishing)

Livebait RigFrom late summer though fall, live-bait rigging catches walleyes every day, especially when that weight sliding on your main line is perfectly in tune with depth, wind, bait type and size.

A live bait rig featuring a walking-type sinker resists bottom snags and keeps your livebait in the strike zone.

A leader separates struggling live bait from that weight, giving it room to swim, squirm and attract fish. Simple. Beautiful. Deadly.

But the key is putting that minnow, leech or crawler on a target below the boat. Rigging experts know how to triangulate their targets and allow for current, velocity and depth.

Triangulating, in this case, is simple. As you move deeper, use a larger weight. As the wind picks up, go with a larger weight. And as the size of the bait increases – well, you get the idea.