By Louie Stout

Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

Dar Deegan has seen some pretty amazing things on the river while doing water quality and fish surveys for Elkhart and South Bend.

The oddity he encountered recently on the St. Joe might be the most bizarre of all.

He and a crew were running an electro-fishing boat near the Lexington Landing bayou. The boat has long electrodes that drag in the water ahead of the boat. The electricity running from the electrodes stuns any fish within the top 6 feet of water temporarily so Deegan’s crew can scoop them up with long-handled nets.

Anyway, a bowfin – better known as a dogfish – popped to the surface.

But this was not a common dogfish sighting.

Protruding from its mouth was a 6-inch rock bass that ALSO had a 6-inch bullhead catfish stuck in its mouth. The rock bass and bullhead were dead but the dogfish was alive.