By Louie Stout

Bluegills and Bass Populations Closely Related

A few years ago, the Indiana DNR put a bluegill bag limit up for debate after a survey revealed that 60 percent of the state’s anglers felt one was necessary.

Indiana hasn’t had a bluegill bag limit in years. You can keep as many as you wish and quite a few anglers were doing just that.

More conservative anglers felt that Hoosiers needed to limit the number of big gills hauled from a lake and blamed diminishing quality on the “fish hogs” they perceived were over harvesting and hurting bluegill populations.

They pointed out that Michigan has a 25-fish daily limit and felt that state offered better bluegill fishing because of it.

On the surface, their argument made sense. When you have a lot of pressure on the “keeper-size” bluegills, such as when they are bedding and extremely vulnerable to angler tactics, the adult population can be reduced substantially and a lake is left with a lot of small bluegill.