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Bite Me! Jigheads

By Louie Stout

Skamania Mania is off to a good start - bluegills are schooling and biting on the weed edges and a few big pike, bass and muskies are being caught as we head into another holiday.

Skamania steelhead fishing had been very good around the river mouths and shorelines of Lake Michigan prior to last week’s weather change.

It’s been pretty good in Trail Creek as well, and while a few fish have trickled into the St. Joseph River, the best fishing there is yet to come.

Trail Creek runs cooler and the hot weather has stifled steelhead’s interest in moving farther upriver into Indiana waters.

The Skamania are a summer-run species of steelhead that head into creeks and rivers during summer months and stay there until they spawn the next spring. The cooler the tributary water, the more fish that will migrate upstream.

By Louie Stout

Anyone would be hard pressed to find anything good about the Covid 19 virus.

People have been getting terribly ill and many have died because of it.

People have lost their businesses when the economy was shut down.

During the shutdown, Michiana residents were out of work and had to find ways to fill their time while being forced to stay at home.

So, when the weather broke, they headed outside, and many discovered, or rediscovered, fishing.

License sales in Michigan and Indiana bear that out. From January through Jun 10, Indiana saw a 12.5 percent increase in fishing license sales.

By Louie Stout

Big Fish Landed, But Not Without a Scary Fight

Bill Schwartz and his lifelong friend Kelly Patrick were looking for something to do prior to the Memorial Day Weekend.

So, a week ago Thursday, they hitched up Kelly’s 17-foot Ranger Boat and headed to Cory Lake near Jones, Mich. to do a little pre-season bass fishing. Although Michigan’s bass season wouldn’t be open for another couple days, the state allows catch-and-release of bass prior to the opener.

The morning started out fabulous.

“We were having a ball that morning,” Schwartz recalled. “We must have caught 20 bass or more of all sizes.”

Bill was throwing his favorite springtime bait, a cotton candy-colored Zoom Centipede on an eighth-ounce jig.

By Louie Stout

When can we have fishing tournaments?

That’s been a major topic in social media among anglers and tournament directors ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

You’re confused and so is everyone else. To be honest, that includes DNR fisheries divisions in Michigan and Indiana who must interpret the sketchy details coming out of their respective governors’ offices.

So, here’s my attempt to outline what we know.

Michigan: On May 22, Michigan began permitting tournaments with no more than 10 participants providing all contestants practice social distancing.