By Louie Stout

Lake Michigan Biologist Brian BreidertIt’s time, said Lake Michigan Biologist Brian Breidert, to begin a new chapter of his life.

The 39-year Indiana DNR biologist retired last week after spending the last 18 years heading up the DNR’s Lake Michigan fisheries team in Michigan City.

No replacement has been named as yet. Breidert’s assistant, Ben Dickenson, will serve in that role until an announcement is made.

“We have a good crew here that can pick up where I left off,” said Breidert, a 62-year-old Iowan who has made his home in Indiana since joining the Indiana DNR in 1979 as a seasonal worker.

Biologists come and go in both Indiana and Michigan DNRs, but this particular job isn’t one of those simple plug-and-play positions.

Dickenson has had a good mentor and will fill in nicely. Even so, Breidert’s steady hand at the wheel of a delicate fishery will be missed.